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COSS Crypto Wallet is a multi-currency crypto wallet that provides crypto-based financial services enabling users to store, send, receive and exchange crypto with nearby users over GPS. The wallet gives the users complete control over all their crypto assets along with providing utility to crypto.

ARAX About
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Our Story

We envisioned a world without borders, boundaries, and limitations. A world where economies flourish, blooming and working seamlessly to create synergies. Believing in the strength of the Blockchain technology to change the world for better, we incorporated the same as our underlying technology to bring about the required paradigm shift.

COSS Wallet is our first installment to this drive, empowering the masses to utilize the true potential of cryptocurrencies. With COSS Wallet, LALA World establishes that it is 100% crypto-focused. COSS Wallet is the first installment from LALA World to make cryptocurrencies a globally accepted phenomenon. This project works in-line with the company’s aim to facilitate financial access to the masses. COSS Wallet will enable the same by providing the ease of access to funds, surpassing borders and boundaries by leveraging the true power of cryptocurrencies.

What we do?

COSS Wallet is a multicurrency wallet offering various crypto-based financial services that enable the user to save, transfer, share with nearby users, instantly exchange cryptocurrency and have control over your funds.

The wallet enables ease of control for all your digital assets. Supporting multiple Blockchains, the wallet serves as a one-stop manager to your cryptocurrency portfolio. Users can spend their cryptocurrency to make utility bill payments and mobile recharges at their will. The wallet serves as the bridge where cryptocurrencies meet utilities with limitless possibilities.

ARAX About

Meet The Team

We have assembled a team of dedicated, highly skilled professionals who have been involved in blockchain and fintech for many years.

team Image

Sankalp Shangari

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

team Image

Rune Evensen

Chief Product & Strategy Officer

team Image

Ranjit Kumar

Chief Operating Officer

team Image

Kanav Bhan

Head of Corporate Communications

team Image

Cheng Wei Ng

Head Of Compliance & Company Affairs

team Image

Rohan Khaneja

Blockchain Developer

Our Partners and Associations

COSS Wallet partners with organizations that share our goal of gearing towards decentralized ecosystem enabling a borderless economy.

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