How Old Is Crypto in Apex Legends?

A lot of people are wondering how old Crypto is in Apex Legends. Here’s a look at what we know about his character.

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How old is Crypto in Apex Legends?

In Apex Legends, Crypto is a character who is part of the Legend roster. His in-game description reads as follows: “Tobias ‘Crypto’ West is an Apex Legend that uses Surveillance Drone to gain intel and track enemies.” There is no official confirmation on how old Crypto is, but based on Cryptos in-game description and the fact that he uses a surveillance drone, it can be assumed that he is relatively young.

Who is Crypto in Apex Legends?

Crypto is a Legend that was introduced in Season 3 of Apex Legends. He is classified as a Recon Legend and his abilities center around Surveillance and Crypto’s drone. Crypto is unique in that he is the only Legend with a drones as his ultimate ability.

Crypto’s origin story is that he was born into a wealthy family on Psamathe, but he rebelled against his parents’ wishes for him to follow in their footsteps and become a businessman. Instead, he became a hacker and began using his skills for vigilante work. He was eventually caught by the Syndicate and imprisoned on an off-world facility. It was there that he met Wraith, who helped him escape. The two have been working together ever since.

What is Crypto’s backstory in Apex Legends?

Crypto is one of the newer Legends introduced in Season 3 of Apex Legends. He is a Surveillance Expert who can hack doors and track enemies with his Surveillance Drone. But what is his backstory?

Crypto is from the planet Talos and was born into a wealthy family. He began to develop his hacking skills at a young age, and by the time he was eighteen, he was already one of the best hackers in the world. He decided to use his skills for good and became a vigilante, fighting crime and corruption.

Crypto’s abilities make him a great asset on any team. His Surveillance Drone can be used to scout ahead and mark enemies for his teammates, while his EMP Blast can disable enemy equipment and traps. Crypto is a great choice for players who want to play an important role in their team’s success.

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How does Crypto play in Apex Legends?

Crypto play an important role in Apex Legends. He is one of the Legends that can be used in the game. He is a character that can be used to attack and defend. Crypto has the ability to hack doors and use his Surveillance Drone to recon for his squad.

What are Crypto’s abilities in Apex Legends?

Crypto is a legend that was introduced in Season 3 of Apex Legends. He is a Recon character who excels in scouting and information gathering for his team. Crypto’s abilities are geared towards stealth and support, making him a perfect addition to any well-rounded squad.

Crypto’s passive ability, Surveillance, deploys a drone that can be used to scope out the surrounding area and mark enemies for your team. His tactical ability, Neurolink, establishes a connection between himself and his teammates, allowing them to see what he sees through his drone for a short period of time. And finally, Crypto’s ultimate ability, Surveillance Jammer, disables enemy traps and radar within a large radius, making it perfect for ambushes or escapes.

Whether you’re looking to play the role of scout or support, Crypto is a versatile legend that can fit into any playstyle. So what are you waiting for? Pick him up and start dominate on the battlefield today!

What are Crypto’s strengths in Apex Legends?

Crypto is a legend that was released in Season 3. He is a Recon Legend and his ability is Surveillance Expert. Crypto’s passive ability is Neurolink. Which allows him to see what his teammates see up to 30 meters away. His tactical ability is Surveillance Drone, which allows him to deploy a surveillance drone that marks the enemy’s location for Crypto and his teammates. His ultimate ability is Bombardment, which calls in a satellite scan. The scan reveals the position of all Legends for 60 seconds, allowing Crypto and his team to attack with precision.

What are Crypto’s weaknesses in Apex Legends?

Crypto is a robotic legend that was released in Season 3. He is the first legend with an ability that can be used to surveyed the map and track enemy movements. While this makes him a very powerful legend, he does have some weaknesses. He is very slow and his hitbox is large, making him an easy target for enemies. Additionally, his abilities require line of sight, so he can be easily countered by being blocked from seeing enemies.

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How to counter Crypto in Apex Legends?

Crypto is a new character in Apex Legends, appearing in Season 3. He’s a recon specialist who uses Surveillance Drone to survey the area and share information with his squadmates. Here are some tips on how to counter Crypto.

-The first thing to know about Crypto is that he is a recon specialist. This means that he excels at gathering information and spotting enemies.

-If you see a Surveillance Drone, be sure to shoot it down. This will not only disable the drone, but it will also reveal Crypto’s location.

-Crypto can use his EMP Blast to disable all electronics in an area. This includes traps, shields, and even guns. If you see him using this ability, be sure to stay away from him.

-While Crypto is a great recon specialist, he isn’t the best fighter. If you can get up close to him, you’ll be able to take him down easily.

Who are the best Legends to team up with Crypto in Apex Legends?

As a Surveillance Expert, Crypto is equipped with a Surveillance Drone and EMP Grenades, which can be used to track and disorient enemies. He is a Legend that excels in recon and prefers to take a backseat in fights. For these reasons, the best Legends to team up with Crypto are those that can provide cover fire and deal heavy damage.

Here are some of the best Legends to team up with Crypto in Apex Legends:

1. Wattson – Wattson’s Interceptor Pylon can be used to protect Crypto’s Surveillance Drone from enemy fire, and her Electric fences can be used to corral enemies and force them into the open where they can be picked off by Crypto and his team mates.

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2. Loba – Loba’s Black Market Boutique is a versatile tool that can be used to looting dead enemies as well as setting up ambush opportunities for her team. Her ability to teleport also makes her a valuable asset for quickly repositioning the team or escaping danger.

3. Gibraltar – Gibraltar’s Gun Shield will protect Crypto while he is using his Surveillance Drone, and his Defensive Bombardment ultimate ability can be used to clear out large groups of enemies that are bunched up together.

4. Pathfinder – Pathfinder’s zip line ability can be used by Crypto to quickly reposition his Surveillance Drone, and his Insider Knowledge ultimate ability provides valuable intelligence on the location of nearby enemy teams.

What are the best ways to use Crypto’s abilities in Apex Legends?

Crypto was released in the second season of Apex Legends and has quickly become a fan-favorite character thanks to his unique abilities. Here are some tips on how to make the most out of Crypto’s surveillance drone and EMP blasts.

As a recon legend, Crypto is all about gathering information and using it to his team’s advantage. His passive ability, Surveillance Drone, lets him deploy a flying drone that can mark enemies and track their movements. This is a great way to get information on enemy positions and movements, especially when your team is on the defensive.

Crypto’s tactical ability, Neurolink, creates a link between him and his teammates that gives them improved accuracy when shooting near him. This is great for getting your team out of sticky situations or for taking down enemies that are bunched up together.

Finally, Crypto’s ultimate ability, EMP Blast, disables all electronic devices in a large area. This can be used to take out enemy traps, force enemies out of cover, or simply create chaos in the enemy ranks. however you choose to use it, EMP blast is a powerful tool that can easily turn the tide of battle in your team’s favor.

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