What is COSS Wallet and how it is secure?

COSS Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet which allows users to keep their digital assets secure under a single application and web-based account. The wallet works on Blockchain infrastructure to keep your digital assets on a public network, letting you to manage, track and use your valuable assets from a single solution. COSS Wallet supports fourteen different Blockchain networks and twenty-one ERC 20 based tokens. To provide you the utility of your tokens, COSS Wallet offers multiple services like Money transfer, Mobile Top-ups and utility bill payments via cryptocurrencies.

Security with COSS Wallet is not a concern to our users as it comes automatically. We have created multiple layers of security before giving access. Users need to validate themselves with an OTP and a PIN before they can login into the account. To add more security to your COSS Wallet account using Master Password, you will be able to ensure that all important account activity is always authorized and under your control.

Where to Download COSS Wallet App?

Click Here to Download COSS Wallet App:-

Will COSS Wallet App work in Rooted Device?

No, it will not be worked in Rooted Device for some security reasons.

Am I allowed to create more than one account?

A user can link only one account at a time with their unique email address and mobile number.

What is a Backup Key and why is it important for me?

Backup Key is a randomly generated alphanumeric series which is impossible to replicate by any bot or hacker. If you lose your Master Password, your backup key is the only option to retrieve it. Backup key is generated through our servers and provided to you after you set up your account. Your back up key is only yours and we do not keep any copy of it.

What is a Master Password? What if I lose it?

You create your master password while setting up your COSS Wallet account. It gives you an authorization to access your cryptocurrency wallet you manage under your COSS Wallet account. If you lose your Master password, you can always retrieve it by providing your backup key.

What is a public address? Why do we use it?

Public Address is the term given to the unique combination of letters and numbers that are used to send you funds. Every Cryptocurrency has a different public address, which you can find under the specific cryptocurrency section as per your need.

Charges for cryptocurrencies payments and transfers?

There are charges incurred during mining and for maintenance of the Blockchain infrastructure, needed for fast and reliable transaction confirmation time. This fee is covered in the transaction fees. The priorities of miners depend on the transaction fee because higher the fees, greater is their profit. So, if you are paying higher transaction fees, then your chances of the said transactions being completed quickly are higher and if the paid amount is low, the transaction will be delayed. If you are a new user, then you can choose from the recommendations made by your Blockchain wallet for your fee amount. The suggestions are made on the basis of current network conditions and the size of the transaction. More advanced users can set their own fee for Bitcoin based on their knowledge.

What happens if my transactions are not completed?

In case of a rejected transaction, the funds will continue to remain in the sender’s wallet.

How do I sign up for COSS Wallet?

Signing Up for COSS Wallet is a very hassle-free process:

Step 1: Download the COSS Wallet mobile app from Google play store and click on the Sign-Up link.

Step 2: Enter your Email ID

Step 3: Enter the OTP sent to your registered Email ID

Step 4: Set your username and PIN

Step 5: Create your master password and generate your Backup key

Step 6: Save your Backup key

Step 7: Get started with your COSS Wallet

How to Create a Wallet Address?

Please follow the below steps to create your wallet address in COSS Wallet:

Step 1: Go to Home and Click on the Respective Coin

Step 2:Click on the "CREATE NEW WALLET"

Step 3: Enter your Master Password to create the wallet

Step 4: Click on the upper right corner (three dots)

Step 5: Click Display QR Code and Copy Your Address

How to add multiple currency wallets?

Recent updates have allowed the users to add multiple currency wallets In order to add currency wallet(s) to COSS Wallet:

Step 1: Click on the "Currency" from the crypto currency list and click "Create Wallet"

Step 2: Enter Your Master password to proceed, your wallet will be created

How long does the account approval process take?

There is no approval required to create your COSS Wallet account. Once you provide your credentials and validate your mobile number, your account gets activated.

What happens if my email or phone number changes?

Presently, we have no provision to allow changes in the email and phone number linked to your account.

How to change PIN?

Please follow below steps to Change PIN.

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Click on the Change PIN

Step 3: Enter Your Current PIN

Step 4: Create Your NEW PIN and Confirm PIN

How to Export Private Key?

Have a look into below steps to Export your Private Key.

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Click on the Export Private Key

Step 3: Now select Respective Coin to Export Key

Step 4: Enter your Master Password to Export Key

Step 5: Copy Your Private Key Securely

Note:- Do not share your private key with anyone

How to Retrieve Master Password?

If you have Backup Key of your COSS Wallet Account then you can easily Retrieve Master Password by following below steps.

Step 1: LOG IN COSS Wallet App

Step 2: Go to Settings

Step 3: Click on the Retrieve Master password

Step 4: Enter your Backup Key to Retrieve Master Password

Step 5: Save Your Master Password Securely

Can I change my username?

No, you cannot change user name.

Do you log my activity in your servers?

No, COSS Wallet team does not log your activity in the servers.

Which coins do you support?

You can go through the list of tokens supported by COSS Wallet here, We are continuously updating this list and working on new integration. You can utilize COSS Wallet to store and transact more than 15 coins.

I have opened many tickets with Support, but I still have not got a reply.

We request you not to submit repeat tickets.
With every additional ticket submitted, our backlog increases that makes it even harder for us to review your ticket in time. Manual effort is required to identify, match and consolidate tickets to make sure that the problem has been addressed.

What are the odds that two people get the same key?

The chances of two people getting the same key are atomic. The number of possible combinations that can be theoretically created is so huge that we can assign 10 billion keys each to every atom on the face of Earth.

Does COSS Wallet take custody of my coins or crypto?

No, the control of wallets, coins and keys is always with you.

Can COSS Wallet access my assets without my knowledge?

No, only the users can access their respective assets.

How do I use this service?
  • Enter your international prefix and phone number on the homepage of the app
  • Click on the ‘Proceed to Top-Up’ button
  • After confirming your phone number, click on ‘Proceed to Next’
  • Choose your preferred Top-Up amount or plan
  • Review your order and after confirmation click ‘Proceed to Next’
  • Choose the Cryptocurrency you want to make the payment in
  • Click on ‘Pay’ and your recharge process is completed
Can I Top-Up a phone in another country or while on roaming?

Yes, users can Top-Up phones in different countries and even while in roaming. Supported Countries and Operators for COSS Wallet can be found on the website.

If you couldn't find the desired country or the operator, please contact our support team.

Why is my payment still processing?

All transactions are instant; however, it can take a few minutes for them to be processed. Once completed, an update is sent to your registered email address. If this doesn't happen, please contact our Support Team and provide the required information of your transaction.

I have specified an incorrect phone number. How do I get my money back?

If a payment to an operator is successful, we are unable to cancel it. Please ensure that you're sending the amount to the right number and the right operator.

If the phone number you have entered does not exist, the payment will not be processed and refunded immediately. If refund is not done, please contact our Support Team.

What can I do if a Top-Up has not been received?

A Top-Up is usually sent to a phone number within a few seconds. You will receive a confirmation email when it has been successfully processed.

You can reach out to our Support Team if your Top-Up hasn’t been received within 24 hours.

What if I send an amount that is lower than the minimum amount required by the operator?

Denomination of every operator in fixed. You cannot enter the denomination other than the available one.

How does money transfer work?

Sending money via COSS Wallet is quick and easy. Below mentioned are the steps to send money via cryptocurrencies:

  • Go to ‘Money Transfer’ Service Tab
  • Enter the necessary details, including, amount, recipient details and payout method
  • Confirm the conversion rate of the cryptocurrency
  • Confirm your details and click proceed to ‘Send’
  • The recipient will receive a confirmation message to proceed
How will my family members receive the money?

You can choose between sending it directly into their bank accounts, cash pick-up via any of these pawnshops (Cebuana Lhuillier, M. Lhuillier, Palawan Express and LBC).

You can also opt to send them prepaid load or pay any of their bills.

How long does it take to receive the money and Top-Up the cell phone?

Money Transfers made within 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM for banks and 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM for pick-up centers will be completed within the same day. Otherwise, these transactions will be completed the next day. Mobile Top-Ups will be received instantly.

What are COSS Wallet operating hours for money transfer?

Our support line is available from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Philippines Standard Time.

How many countries I can send money to?

At the moment, transfers are available only for Philippines.

What would be the conversion rate for money transfer?

At the time of transferring money, we show the live mid-market rates available to convert your Bitcoin into Peso (Philippines).

What is the fee that will be charged to send money to Philippines?

We charge very nominal processing and service fee for every transaction. This fee depends on the amount you want to transfer.

How much time will it take to receive money at recipient side?

It takes maximum 4-6 hours to reach the money to your friends and relatives.

What if the transactions get failed and my coins are deducted from the wallet?

Your coins will be refunded as soon as we receive failure response from our processor.

What is the turnaround time for resolving the query?

We take maximum 48 hours to resolve the query.

How can I exchange (swap) my cryptocurrency?

Step 1. Select the coin you want to exchange from your dashboard

Step 2. If you have already created a wallet, you would be able to see the Exchange option on the Navigation bar, otherwise first you have to create a wallet and need to transfer the respective currency

Step 3. Once you click on the exchange, you will be asked to select the currency you would like in return

Step 4. Put the desired quantity you want to exchange and click to proceed

How do I use this service?

To avail this feature you need to create your wallet and turn on GPS in your device and your Recipient should be in the range of 80 meters. After that go to your Dashboard. Click on 'Near By'.

How to Send crypto nearby?

Select coin you want to send then click on "Near By" button. Tap on Send button then select the desired recipient and send coin.

How to receive Crypto nearby?

Select coin you want to Receive then click on "Near By" button. Tap on Receive button.

What is the Limit for using the Nearby feature?

Currently, we have a limit of 80 meters but soon you’ll be able to send crypto beyond these limits.

What are the fees for sending crypto via Nearby feature?

You will be only charged for the network fees used for sending cryptocurrencies