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The Future of Ethereum

Although the price of Ethereum is down at the moment, it is still the second most valuable cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. It is capable of processing 15 transactions every second and with the right steps and solutions implemented, this number will go up to thousands of transactions per second.

There are certain predictions for Ethereum Blockchain that are existing currently in the crypto sphere. The first one is by Gaurav Iyer of Profit Confidential who advocates that the scalability problems of Ethereum are obstructing the increase in Ethereum’s price. He believes that Ether’s price could reach $1,500 in 2019, if Ethereum manages to device a solution for this problem.

At the time of writing, the highest price touched by Ether was in January 2018, which was $1,377. If Iyer’s future predictions have some weight, then Ethereum will require to touch new heights with its efforts and price.

Another prediction was made by Investing Haven with a slightly different approach. They utilised technical chart analysis that was based on the data accumulated from previous supply and demand of Ethereum.

According to The Investing Haven, Ether will be priced at $1000 by the year 2020. Although the prediction is optimistic since the price quoted is much higher than the price of June 2018. But, it is conservative as well due to the fact that the mentioned price is still lower than what it was during its peak in January 2018. It implies that they are expecting growth, but not a very fast paced one.

Third prediction was made by WalletInvestor suggests that the price of Ethereum will reach $1,221 by the time June 2019 knocks the door. This price is just short of $1,377, Ethereum’s all-time high price. However, it is tough to trust this prediction because of the fact that WalletInvestor didn’t give any explanation behind this prediction.

The last prediction that’ll be mentioned in this blog is that made by LongForecast. Their analysis team forecasts that Ether will be priced $363 when 2019 will arrive and will recover throughout the year to be $841 by the end of the year. Just like WalletInvestor, LongForecast also didn’t back their claim with any explanation.